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What is Fiveko Video App?

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The Fiveko Video Maker is a set of client-side web apps for video creation. At this stage, the portal provides two video applications: Photo gallery to Video and Screen Recorder.

My target is to build an easy to use tools that can work alone in a web environment without the need of browser extensions, installations and subscriptions.

The project is part of online tools powered by Best of all this web app is free to use without any obligations.

Features Overview

Photo Images to Video

The software gives an easy way to convert an image gallery to a movie clip. This online video maker is a tiny app, but it has some nice user-friendly features such as:

  • No installation, no clouds, no subscriptions
  • Custom video background color
  • Audio support
  • Transition effects like video blending
  • Local video processing, so the image gallery doesn’t leave the user machine
  • Multiple resolutions

Browser based Screen Recorder

The online screen recorder works is also a client side web app that works in a browser. Some ifs features are:

  • No installation and no extensions / add-ons are required
  • Works in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge
  • Can capture entire screen or specific app window / browser tab
  • Background color customization
  • And some more…

I hope the tools in this project are useful to you. If this is the case you may consider to support me on